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With 1 in 4 people now said to be affected by a mental health-related issue, we know that it’s good to talk. For many, using art to communicate thoughts and emotions that seem too complex or confusing to articulate by talking alone can help.

What is Mindwell Art?

Some people can feel overwhelmed by the problems they face, by the pressures they feel to succeed and by the hectic world that exists around them. Art Therapy can give people the opportunity to express inner thoughts and help them to understand and make sense of their emotions and the world around them.

Our Mindwell Art Groups help people express themselves in a non-pressured way and offers a relaxed setting where people can come and do what suits them and how they feel, with “no expectation” on abilities.  

When do the groups run?Mindwell art group

The Mindwell Art group is one of our Hub activities. It takes place every Thursday morning at Trinity Theatre and every Thursday afternoon at Grosvenor and Hilbert Park.

The groups continue to attract both old and new members and is completely free to access.

Who runs the groups?

Each group is facilitated by an experienced and qualified Art Therapist, Chris Smith, who himself used our Hub services to treat his bi-polar. Chris recognises that when you’re feeling in a desperate and dark place, the last thing you want to do is go out, but if someone is particularly struggling, they are welcome to come to the morning art group, get something to eat and come back to the afternoon group, so they have a whole day filled with art.

Why are we looking for funding?

It costs over £8000 every year to run these groups. We are appealing to the community to help us fund this project so those with mental illness can continue to access the tools they need to feel better. Like one group participant recently said, "the reason I like it here is because you can be alright with not being alright”, Mindwell Art Group participant

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