Can you help fund our Reachout Youth groups?

"Reachout Youth has helped me talk about things I don’t want to tell my school, therapist or parents about."

Young people face many challenges, including broken family relationships, stress about relationships and exams, bereavement, drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-harming and more. Alarmingly, in Kent, 50% of lifetime mental illness (except dementia) begins by the age of 14 and 75% begins by the age of 24.

Reachout youth delivers 2 free, confidential and person-centred support sessions to young people each week with our qualified & experienced staff offering support and encouragement on each individual's journey towards better emotional wellbeing. Last year we supported 60 young people in West Kent, with low self-confidence and limited social support networks outside of their immediate family. 

Our groups are vital for accessing free and long-term support for young people's emotional and mental health; support which isn't always readily available elsewhere.

Reaching more young people

10% of young people aged 5-16 years in Kent are believed to have a diagnosable emotional or behavioural mental health condition and this figure is only set to rise.

We need your help to raise more funds so that we can reach more young people who desperately need an outlet, such as Reachout Youth, to help prevent a mental health crisis or escalation.

"I struggle with my anger but I couldn't find any local service to help. Reachout Youth has helped me talk about things I don’t want to tell my school, therapist or parents about". 'Amy'

Can you help us reach more young people?

With you help, we can increase the number of young people we are supporting and offer them:

  • tools to learn different approaches to conflict scenarios, like bullying,
  • ideas on how to stay calm and connected while self-isolating,
  • ways to plan their days and feel productive in this scary time 
  • a safe space to talk through any issues and concerns.

By supporting this appeal with a donation, you'll be helping young people in Kent receive support for their mental and emotional wellbeing through life, whatever the challenges.

Thank you for donating.


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