"I really don’t know, what I would have done with out you all, my head was all over the place. I can’t thank you enough".

Winter Lockdown Appeal

Lockdown is tough for most of us, but it can be especially difficult for those experiencing a mental health crisis. 

In 2019 we supported 55 people through a mental health crisis with face to face support at our Serenity Cafe.

However, due to lockdown & Covid19, our clients are no longer able to access face to face groups. As a result, many are experiencing deeply heightened anxiety levels, deteriorating mental and physical health, sleep problems and further isolation from the community.

They face immediate and challenging concerns including food shortages, benefit claims, housing needs, anti-social residents and panic attacks. Our elderly clients do not always have access to the internet or smart phones and so they can't regularly access online shopping and repeat prescriptions. Most of our clients are also largely on a low income and/or pay as you go mobile contracts, meaning they can't always afford to make calls to stay connected to the community.

Adapting our crisis support groups

Our clients have very complex mental health issues, particularly those accessing this crisis service. An out-of-hours service is essential so that people have someone to talk to over the weekend and do not have to wait until Monday before they can access crisis care.

That's why we've adapted our crisis service and invested in teleconferencing to make sure we can reach our clients and provide them with essential support for their mental and emotional wellbeing in time of a crisis. We now offer remote telephone support out-of-hours on a Sunday afternoons from 3-6pm.

Staff members are on hand to prevent escalation of a crisis and to offer techniques for relaxation and a positive focus, including mindfulness and meditation. 

Can you support our Winter Lockdown Appeal?

We need the support of our community now more than ever.

Unfortunately, funding for this vital service is due to end in April 2021. Can you support this life-saving work by making a donation to us today? Any amount, small or large, will be gratefully received and will make a huge difference to the lives of our clients.

Thank you

Mental Health Resource Winter Lockdown Appeal