Reachout Youth is now virtual!

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, Reachout Youth is adapting its services so that we can continue to support clients with their emotional and mental wellbeing, as now may be a time where support is needed more than ever.
By joining a virtual Reachout Youth group, you can expect to receive access to:
1. Weekly virtual peer support groups
2. One-to-one telephone support
3. Weekly support packs, including tips for managing your wellbeing
We are also still accepting new referrals, so please get in touch by contacting Anna on 07545 208899.

What is Reachout Youth?

Reachout Youth groups offer an informal, fun and confidential space to share things not usually shared with friends or family. The groups bring young people together to reduce stigma, share stories, develop coping strategies and make friends.
Young people can expect a safe space to talk though any issues and concerns, tools to manage their wellbeing, relaxation exercises, signposting to other services, as well as activities and games.
We look forward to chatting with you soon!