“Reachout helps me get out of my flat where I can feel shut in and get lonely. I really enjoyed going out today , thank you.”

Mental Health Resource Reachout Adults groupWhat is Reachout Adults?

At Reachout Adults, clients can join us in one of several locations across West Kent (including Edenbridge, Southborough and Paddock Wood) for some free support if they are struggling with their emotional wellbeing. At a group, participants can make friends, take trips out and get some valuable support from qualified and trained staff.

Who do we support?

We are currently supporting 30 people across the area  but with Covid19, we expect this number to rise considerably.

Covid 19 has deeply heightened most of our clients anxiety levels, not just for themselves but also their anxieties for dependants, relatives and pets too.  Isolation can be especially difficult for anyone who suffers with their mental health and emotional wellbeing, such as PTSD. 

Several of our elderly members do not have access to smart phones or the internet, so this isolates them even further from being able to access online shopping and repeat prescriptions.

That's why it is vital that we continue to offer a supportive service during this time, but we have had to adapt the way we deliver this service.

How are we adapting our service?

We are supporting our clients with regular 1-1 phone calls and conference group chats, where we can:

  • Advise our clients of the current Covid19 updates
  • Signpost to 24/7 mental health helplines
  • Discuss specific needs including food, cleaning, money, work, medication, health, commitments, connectivity, new daily routines, exercise, nature, entertainment and relaxation, and anything else that they wish to discuss.  
  • Ensure clients are connected to their GP surgery and signposted to appropriate agencies.
  • Encourage our members to send in their poems, sketches, paintings and crafts during Coved 19 to showcase what they have been doing during their period of self-isolation.

We need your support!

We need to raise £500 to continue to offer these valuable services at this time for the most vulnerable in our community. Please help us reach our goal!

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“Days like this are good for me and my mental health issues – I like to get out and enjoy being with this group of people, as I feel safe.”