Thank you so much to everyone who has donated towards Ava's fundraiser 2.6 Challenge! The page has now closed and we are going to share a video of how she got on really soon. Thanks again! Jen x

Hello. My name is Ava.

My mum told me about something that lots of people are doing this weekend because they want to raise money for charities. 

It's called the 2.6 Challenge and it's happening on Sunday 26th April. People need to do something about the number 26. Like skip 26 times or throw a ball and catch it 26 times in a row. I decided I want to do the 2.6 challenge so a charity can use the money to help people.

I love singing so i decided i will sing for 26 minutes. I will probably sing some Little Mix songs, some Bon Jovi songs, some Beyonce songs and maybe some Bruno Mars songs. I have to sing non-stop.

Please  can you sponsor me? It will help people in tunbridge wells who have problems with their mind! Thank you.

Jen Williams