Why I'm fundraising for Mental Health Resource

During these difficult times, people are struggling even more so with new or existing mental health difficulties.

The work this service does is amazing and makes such a difference to many people's lives and their families. They are needed now more than ever and are becoming ever more in demand. They need our help with supporting this vital service to continue their fabulous 'life saving' work, due to the increase of difficulties with fund raising the pandemic has brought. This service provides preventive support with in turn lessens the impact to the NHS, Police and other services.

What are we doing to make people smile?

Giving Tea and Biscuits to the NHS Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Leaving face packs and hot chocolate at someone’s door

Giving food to the local food bank

Giving clothes away to Salvation Army

Giving someone a meal for two to enjoy

Leaving someone flowers at their door

Leaving the Bin man some chocolates/sweets

Making someone’s ‘lockdown’ birthday special

Giving food to the Homeless Shelter

Making cakes for someone to enjoy

Kelly Heasman