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In the UK, mental health illness costs UK employers £26 billion every year and 40% of long term absence among non-manual workers is caused by stress or mental illness.

That's why, Mental Health Resource deliver tailor-made 'Understanding Mental Health' workshops to local companies, so we can help promote well-being & build a stronger community. 

In 2018, we provided training for 90 employees across 5 local schools + businesses, including Tunbridge Wells Borough Council + Fidelity International.

Our qualified professionals, with specific expertise in the field of workplace mental health issues, help employees recognize signs of mental health problems, find better ways of supporting staff and improve well-being.

We cover a wide range of topics ranging from language, stigma & discrimination, to common mental health problems such as depression & anxiety and also how to support colleagues at work who might have mental health illnesses.

Please note that our training is tailor-made to match each company's specific requirements, so the cost of the training and venue varies.

Our workshops:

An Introduction to Mental Health

You will go away with all the tools, skills and confidence you need to understand:

  • What is mental health
  • Language & mental health
  • Recognising & supporting people in distress
  • Looking after your own emotional wellbeing

Understanding Mental Health in the workplace

This workshop looks at the issues in relation to your workplace:

  • What impacts our mental health & how can work influence this
  • What is your duty of care to your team
  • What are the signs that someone is suffering from mental health problems at work
  • Looking after your own mental health
Effective communication & Mental Health

This is an interactive course, focusing on how to work with customers or colleagues in distress:

  • How to recognise warning signs.
  • How to ensure a positive and safe environment.
  • Well-being in the working day and ways to help others.
  • Access to work-based mental health support.

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“A huge thank you! The feedback from the training has been really positive and the way you pitched it really hit the spot!" Fidelity International.