"As a father of 6 and grandfather of 8, I have always had a strong interest in what I term the Rising Generation – our future citizens and leaders; it is so important to hear their voice, particularly bearing in mind the crucial decisions being taken that will affect their very future existence.  This will be my theme for the year, the Rising Generation, and I intend to do all I can to engage with our Rising Generation and help them be heard." Cllr Chris Woodward, Tunbridge Wells Mayor.

We are delighted to be chosen by the new Tunbridge Wells Mayor, Cllr Chris Woodward as the Mayoral ‘Charity of the Year' for 2021-2022!

The high standing of the Mayor is one of honour and dignity rather than actual legal powers and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to shine a light on mental health awareness in our town. 

Thank you Cllr Woodward for choosing our charity as your Charity of the Year!

Mayoral charity of the year Mental Health Resource