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Virtual coffee morning / dinner party

There are lots of ways to stay connected to friends at this time, including Zoom, House Party and Facetime. Why not organise a virtual coffee morning or dinner party with friends and family, where you can entertain separately but together? Everyone can donate £3 each to take part and video call in from their own home.

How to host a virtual dinner party.

Virtual pub quiz

Luckily it’s pretty easy to get online and host a quiz from your home, with entrants donating to your chosen cause. For smaller groups you can use Facebook Live or a video conferencing site such as Zoom to gather together in your virtual public house (use the mute function if everyone is talking over each other). You can either go old-school with answers scribbled on paper and people trusted to mark their own sheets, or you can collect the answers live by setting up an individual Google Doc for each contestant to fill in during the quiz. Whatever you decide, definitely do a test-run with some mates to ensure it’ll be alright on the night - and for inspiration, check out this virtual quiz which saw around 100 people holding forks and singing in unison while trying to win a packet of toilet roll.

Friday Night Drinks

Used to having a drink with colleagues or friends on a Thursday or Friday night? You still can! Have a drink together online and each person can donate the price of their favourite drink to us.


Are you a yoga instructor, a musician or a poet? Are you fluent in a foreign language? Can you knit a scarf? Are you gifted in the kitchen? Many of us possess skills that others would love to have, and now is the perfect time to share them. Perhaps you could host a livestream of a yoga class, a gig or a poetry reading. Whatever your hobby or talent, you could set up an online livestreaming using an event video streaming or conferencing sites such as YouTube or Zoom. To get as many viewers as possible and to keep things straightforward, it makes sense to make the lessons free; just make it very clear that you’re doing this to raise funds, and make the donations link visible at all times.

Shave & donate

Need a haircut? Why not ask a loved one (and someone you trust!) to shave your hair! Friends could donate & you could take the plunge live online.

Virtual walkathon

Perhaps you love walking or running. Why not hold an indoor walkathon or even half-marathon! You could even commit to doing loads of press-ups, sit-ups and squats to raise money for charity. Simply set up an a fundraising page on our website and ask friends to donate; the longer you can walk or work out, the more money they can donate!

Plank challenge

Want to master a new skill? Do a plank challenge for 30 days and update your friends and family on social media with your progress. You could even film yourself doing the challenge! Either build up to a three-minute plank by the end of the month, or do different variations of the plank every day to keep it interesting. Get the sponsorships in by promoting your challenge on social media. 

Online Gaming

In recent years watching others play video games has become a hugely popular pastime, and now most other spectator sports have been temporarily suspended its profile is set to rise further.

Gaming for good is not a new phenomenon –there are plenty of opportunities through live-streaming gaming platforms such as Twitch to achieve something truly meaningful through your games console.

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