Mental Health Resource Disability Charity of the Year

Our History

During the 1980s, a small group of mothers with children who had mental health problems started meeting informally as they were concerned about the lack of mental health services in the community surrounding the Tunbridge Wells area. 

In 1993, this group of residents realised their vision to build a new mental health resource centre, a safe and caring environment for people suffering from mental ill health, to increase their self-confidence and feel a full and valued member of society. That same year, they established 'Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource Ltd' (MHR)', now known as Mental Health Resource.

With funding from Kent County Council, we first opened The Hub (originally called the 'Resource Centre') which opened on the 10th November 1995. In it's first year, the Hub supported 25-30 people but as we grew, so did our services.

Today we are proud to support over 950 people every year who have a wide range of mental health issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to bi-polar and borderline personality disorder.

A timeline of our services

  • 1993: Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource is established.
  • 1995: The Hub is opened on 10th November.
  • 1996: Our first Reachout group was launched.
  • 1997: Our Assert project (IMHA and Community Advocacy) was launched.
  • 2016: With funding from the Combined Members Grant, we were able to launch a pilot Reachout Youth project in Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge. 
  • 2017: With funding from the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Fund, we opened our out-of-hours Serenity Cafe.
  • 2019: Re-launched as 'Mental Health Resource'.

Recognition of our work

Today, Mental Health Resource is recognised in the community for providing an invaluable service to support people with mental illness. Here are just a few of the accolades we have recently received.

David Hardie MHR Founder

  • 2020: Mental Health Resource is a Finalist in the 'Charity of the Year' category at the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's 'Love Where We Live' Awards.
  • 2019: Mental Health Resource wins 'Disability Charity of the Year' at the Kent Charity Awards.
  • 2018-2019: MHR is the Tunbridge Wells Mayor's 'Charity of the Year' which raised £25,000 for our charity!
  • 2018: MHR receives the 'Gerald Turley Recognition Award' to acknowledge the impact and benefits that we deliver to our community.
  • 2018: MHR is 'Charity of the Year' finalist in the Tunbridge Wells 'Love Where We Live' awards. 
  • 2018: Our Founding Director, David Hardie, receives 'Special Recognition Award' in the 'Love Where we Live' awards for his commitment to the charity over the past 25 years. 

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