On November 17th at Isenhurst Gym in Crowborough, Chris and I will be taking part in an Everest Challenge. Following in the footsteps of such greats as Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, we will endeavour to climb 8,849 metres to the summit of Mount Everest. Although in the comfortable surroundings of Isenhurst Gym, this isn’t going to be easy, we are aiming to plant the flag at the summit within four hours.

Chris and I have chosen to raise funds for Mental Health Resource because mental health is a subject that is close to both our hearts. Mental health is something that affects all of us in some way throughout our lives, we have both lost people close to our hearts who have suffered with their mental health. Mental Health Resource support the vulnerable and isolated, reaching around 900 people every year through four free and confidential projects that aim to make people feel valued and heard.

By supporting us with a donation, you’ll be making big difference to this small charity. 

  •  £5 could provide 1-1 support for someone in distress
  • £10 could provide gardening equipment for their wellbeing allotment and
  • £20 could enable someone to access our evening drop-in support for 2 hours. 

    Thank you so much, Chris and Nathan
Nathan Hobson