Thank you for choosing to support Mental Health Resource with a fundraising event! Below are some ideas which might help or you can also download our A-Z of Fundraising ideas. Once you know what you'd like to do, simply set up a Fundraising page and visit our Fundraising Toolkit for free fundraising materials to help make your fundraiser a success!

A-Z Fundraising ideas leaflet

A-Z of Fundraising ideas.

A: A Family Challenge

You could challenge your family to guess the number of sweets in a jar or maybe go for the whole day without saying a single word! Everyone could donate a few pounds towards the challenge (donated to Mental Health Resource!) and the winner wins a small prize!

B: Bake sale

Who doesn’t love cake? Organise a bake sale in your workplace, school, sports club or community group and raise money for mental health.

C: Clear out 

That one drawer you keep saying you'll clear out but it's been two is the time! Spring clean your house and make piles of things you no longer need. You'd be amazed at how great you feel afterwards.

You could then hold a jumble sale with the proceeds coming to our charity.

Challenge events 

From 5km walks to ultra marathons, there are fundraising opportunities for all fitness levels for the whole team to take part in. Perhaps you could hire a rowing machine and row a certain distance as part of a group challenge? Maybe invite other firms along to take on the challenge or rowing an even larger distance over a certain period of time?

D: Dinner Party

Either virtual or in-person, your guests could donate to join you.

E: Employee Challenge

You could challenge employees to guess the number of sweets in a jar at reception, or maybe go for the whole day without saying a single word! Everyone could donate a few pounds towards the challenge and the winner wins a small prize!

You could also challenge each other to complete a goal- like swimming in the sea or completing a difficult task.

F: Five-a-side football.

Hold a small football match and charge each player a fee to take part.

G: Give something up

Have you been wanting to give something up for a long time, but just haven't found a good enough reason to try? Now could be the perfect time; whether it's smoking, chocolate, or alcohol- why not ask colleagues to sponsor you? We have seen 'Dechox for chocolate', 'Sober October' for alcohol, and 'Movember' for shaving facial hair. You could also choose to ditch the thing that you know your colleagues will be most surprised you are giving up.

Grow a crazy beard/ moustache

Why not ask friends and family to donate for this challenge- the longer you can keep your crazy beard or moustache, the more they could donate!

H: Haircut

Ask a loved one to shave or cut your hair! You could even livestream and encourage donations as you go.

I: Individual donations

Perhaps you could donate an hours pay or the cost of your train ticket.

J: Jumper Day

Hold a Christmas jumper day or a crazy jumper day at work and ask employees for a donation to take part.

K: Knit

Knit the longest scarf and be sponsored by the inch or knit items to sell to your friends and family.

L: Livestreaming

Are you a yoga instructor, a musician or a poet? Are you fluent in a foreign language? Can you knit a scarf? Are you gifted in the kitchen? Many of us possess skills that others would love to have, and now is the perfect time to share them. Perhaps you could host a livestream of a yoga class, a gig or a poetry reading. Whatever your hobby or talent, you could set up an online livestreaming using an event video streaming or conferencing sites such as YouTube or Zoom. To get as many viewers as possible and to keep things straightforward, it makes sense to make the lessons free; just make it very clear that you’re doing this to raise funds, and make the donations link visible at all times.

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M: Music night

Music really lifts the spirits… If you are a budding musician, have a friend who is great on the guitar, know any local bands, or just fancy a good old fashioned karaoke night then why not hold a fundraising music event? You could contact a local pub or community centre and charge an entry fee for the event. You could also speak to the manager of the venue and ask if they would be willing to donate a proportion on drink sales.

N: Netball

A great excuse for a match between friends or for something bigger, turn it into a tournament!

O: Online Gaming

In recent years watching others play video games has become a hugely popular pastime, and now most other spectator sports have been temporarily suspended its profile is set to rise further. There are plenty of opportunities through live-streaming gaming platforms such as Twitch to achieve something truly meaningful through your games console

P: Plank challenge

Do a plank challenge for 30 days and get the sponsorships in by promoting your challenge on social media.  Either build up to a three-minute plank by the end of the month, or do different variations of the plank every day to keep it interesting.

Q: Quiz

Arrange a quiz night at your local pub. Charge each team an entry fee with a prize for the winner. You could also ask the pub manager if they would be willing to donate a proportion of the drink sales!

R: Raffle

Ask around locally for some donated prizes and sell tickets to friends.

S: Shave & donate

Need a haircut? Why not ask a loved one (and someone you trust!) to shave your hair! Friends could donate & you could take the plunge live online.

Swear box

Every time a colleague swears, they have to put a £1 in the swear box. You could all decide on a list of what constitutes a swear word first though!


Decide the competition for your sweepstake, for example, guess your race time or the results of a popular event like Eurovision, the Grand National or Wimbledon. Set the price of each entry e.g. £5 and ask your colleagues to make a donation for their entry. They can pick a possible result from a hat or you can give them one at random. Whoever guesses correctly wins a prize!

T: Tournaments

Sport is great for our mental health & being part of a team is a great way to build and maintain positive relationships- so why not arrange a mini-sports tournament at your local park?

Each team could donate to enter, with the winning team winning a prize. Ideas could include a cross bar challenge, penalty shootout competition, number of hoops in the net and much more. 

U: University Challenge

Hold a quiz, University Challenge style!

V: Virtual walkathon

Perhaps you love walking or running. Why not hold an indoor walkathon or even half-marathon! You could even commit to doing loads of press-ups, sit-ups and squats to raise money for charity. Simply set up an a fundraising page on our website and ask friends to donate; the longer you can walk or work out, the more money they can donate.

W: Wellbeing breakfast

Why not invite your colleagues to a Wellbeing Breakfast! You could hold it on a Monday morning, making it a great way to ease into the week, catch up with your colleagues and discuss plans for the week ahead. Bring in cereals, croissants, fresh fruit, sandwiches etc. and allow people to make a small donation for each item.

X: X-Factor

Which of your friends has the X Factor? Hold a singing competition to find out!

Y: Yes day!

Say yes to everything you are asked to do (within reason!) and be sponsored to do so.

Z: Zumbathon

For those with plenty of energy, this is a great fundraising challenge!

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