Help people with mental illness in our community. Fundraise for Mental Health Resource!

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Fundraising from the comfort of your own home.

A Family Challenge

You could challenge your family to guess the number of sweets in a jar or maybe go for the whole day without saying a single word! Everyone could donate a few pounds towards the challenge (donated to Mental Health Resource!) and the winner wins a small prize!

Do a clear-out

That one drawer you keep saying you'll clear out but it's been two is the time! Spring clean your house and make piles of things you no longer need. You'd be amazed at how great you feel afterwards. Pop any unwanted items in good condition on e-bay and donate any profits to us!

Give something up

Is there something you've been wanting to give up for a long time, but just haven't found a good enough reason to try? Well this could be the perfect time.. whether it's smoking, chocolate, or alcohol, you don't have to wait until New Year to make those resolutions.. simply set up your own fundraising page and see donations rolling in to help you crack those habits!

Grow a crazy beard/ moustache

You could ask friends and family to donate - the longer you can keep your crazy beard or moustache, the more they could donate!

Individual donations

Perhaps you could donate an hours pay or the cost of your train ticket.


Knit the longest scarf and be sponsored by the inch or knit items to sell to your friends and family.

Yes day!

Say yes to everything you are asked to do (within reason!) and be sponsored to do so.

Fundraising to unite & inspire.

Cake sale

Who doesn’t love cake? Organise a bake sale in your workplace, school, sports club or community group and raise money for mental health.

Challenge events

Seeking a personal physical challenge? Sign up for one of the dozens of fun-runs and challenge events held right around the UK each year.

From 5km walks to ultra marathons, there are fundraising opportunities for all fitness levels. Imagine busting over the finish line, knowing you will have achieved something so positive for yourself, while supporting people with mental illness in your community.

Music night

Music really lifts the spirits… If you are a budding musician, have a friend who is great on the guitar, know any local bands, or just fancy a good old fashioned karaoke night then why not hold a fundraising music event? You could contact a local pub or community centre and charge an entry fee for the event. You could also speak to the manager of the venue and ask if they would be willing to donate a proportion on drink sales.

Pub Quiz

Arrange a quiz night at your local pub. Charge each team an entry fee with a prize for the winner. You could also ask the pub manager if they would be willing to donate a proportion of the drink sales!

Sports tournamentsCharity rounders match

Sport is great for our mental health & being part of a team is a great way to build and maintain positive relationships- so why not arrange a mini-sports tournament at your local park?

Each team could donate to enter, with the winning team winning a prize. Ideas could include a cross bar challenge, penalty shootout competition, number of hoops in the net and much more. 

Wellbeing breakfast

Why not invite your colleagues to a Wellbeing Breakfast! You could hold it on a Monday morning, making it a great way to ease into the week, catch up with your colleagues and discuss plans for the week ahead. Bring in cereals, croissants, fresh fruit, sandwiches etc. and allow people to make a small donation for each item.

Set up your Fundraising page