"I can truly say that the Hub is a diamond in the rough because not only has it changed my life, it has saved it. The reality is, most people who feel like they can’t go on are really saying, 'I can’t carry on living my life the way it is at the moment'. What is needed is a change in environment and The Hub do this through offering support through peers and staff and several programmes and events."

"How Mental Health Resource has helped me" - Serena Christie.Serena Christie Mental Health Resource 

In December 2012, I suffered a severe episode of psychosis. I was diagnosed in hospital and was later referred to a home treatment team and crisis mental health team. By mid 2013 I had moved back with my parents and had started making improvements in my condition.

By 2015, I had started campaigning to raise awareness of schizophrenia spectrum disorders, which is when I found out about the Hub in Tunbridge Wells. At that time, I was not aware of how close this resource was; its aims and its achievements.

Reducing my isolation

Throughout my battle to rediscover myself, redefine my own self image and a torturous struggle to begin building the foundation of my new self, the Hub has played a pivotal role. All too often with mental health treatment, there is an “us” and “them” mentality; for the Hub this is far from the reality. Not only have I gained a sense of self stability I have a new extended family with service users and staff alike.

With the pressure on the NHS to provide treatment (like CBT and EMDR) as well as long waiting lists (my own access to CBT took over 6 months) the Hub gave me something that not even private healthcare could provide – it gave me freedom from isolation.

People underestimate how crippling isolation is to the emotionally vulnerable - even to people who are not experiencing mental illness. Socialisation is crucial to self-recovery, without others there to support you and you them it’s all to easy to fall into the downward spiral – “No one understands me” or “I feel so alone”.

I lost my brother through suicide and had he known about this haven, he may well still be alive. To change your environment gives an outside perspective on the world around you; it helps to involve you in society and assists you in combating your own negative self-image.

The Hub has given me something that no money could buy; a reason to keep fighting.

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