It is estimated that around 70% What ithe £2billion left to charity each year goes to charities with a turnover of £10million or more. Smaller, grassroots projects making a fantastic difference locally are missing out.

Gift in wills

Mental Health Resource gifts in wills

Thank you for considering leaving Mental Health Resource a gift in your will. 

After providing for your loved ones, by choosing to leave a gift in your will to our charity, you would be directly supporting people in West Kent who come to us for support with their mental health illness. Donations, such as yours, mean we can continue to provide safe spaces and person-centred mental health support in our community and work towards our vision: improved mental wellbeing for everyone in our community.

What information do I need?

1. We've put together some useful information in our 'Gifts in Wills' document. To receive this document, simply click on the button below and enter your name and email address. The document will automatically download.

2. Once you've decided you would like to leave Mental Health Resource a gift in your will, you might also like to download our 'Sample Wording for Wills & Codicil' document. This is to give you the correct wording. We recommend that you also talk with your Solicitor.

Download our 'Gifts in Wills' Information leaflet

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jen at [email protected]

Thank you.