Talia's Marathon

Talia Burgess

I am fundraising for Mental Health resource to support young people in Kent with their mental and emotional wellbeing

Sandersons Commando Run

Sandersons UK

We are fundraising for Mental Health Resource because their small charity makes a big difference to people who live with complex, long-term mental health conditions throughout West Kent.

KoKo (Keep on Keepin' On)

John Vanek

I am fundraising for Mental Health Resource in Tonbridge Wells because I know it well through working for the Serenity Cafe project. Mental Health Resource does loads of stuff, including youth groups, creative arts and writing workshops and an allotment project. Mental Health Resource not only helps people with mental health conditions, it also actively contributes to self-development and progress back into mainstream life.

Ava's 2.6 singing challenge!

Jen Williams

My name is Ava and I am 7 years old. I'm going to sing for 26 minutes for the 2.6 challenge to raise money for mental health.