"Without the work that this organisation delivers, Kent would be a less vibrant place for communities and individuals." Funding for All

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Trusts & Foundations

BBC Children in Need - Reachout Youth

BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need have allocated Mental Health Resource funds for 4 years from 2019, to support our Reachout Youth project and help make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in West Kent. 

This funding will mean local young people can continue to access a safe space to receive 1-2-1 support to help them work through issues such as the effects of social media, bullying and relationships. Our Reachout Youth project is currently being delivered both online and in-person. 

The National Lottery Community Fund- Hub & Time4U project.

National Lottery Community Fund logo

The National Lottery Community Fund is the largest community funder in the UK and we are delighted that they've awarded our Hub funding for 3 years, from September 2019, meaning we can reach more people in our community who need support with their mental health. 

The funding also enables us to establish a new, exciting outreach group, ‘Time 4 U’, where clients will be trained to be outreach volunteers, to provide companionship to the more socially isolated members of the community. 

Find out more about our exciting award here.

Combined Members Grant - website, teleconferencing & supervision costs.

KCC logo

Every year, KCC help community projects across Kent by using the Combined Members Grant to fund them. Funding is divided equally across Kent's 12 districts. 

In 2019, Cllr Peter Oakford kindly allocated funding from the Combined Members Grant to our charity, to help us fund the costs of our new website. In 2020, he supported our teleconferencing project so that we could continue to deliver teleconferencing groups, without any financial barriers, to many of our clients during Covid19. 

Recently, in February 2022, our charity has also received funding from Cllr Peter Oakford's combined members grant towards supervision costs for staff. 

Thank you for your ongoing support, Cllr Oakford!

Gallagher Community Fund

Gallagher logo
Thank you to the Gallagher Community Fund who have donated £500 to our charity via Neighbourly.
Gallagher is one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firms.
The Community Fund accepts applications from Gallagher colleagues for charities, community groups and local good causes. GGB-UK colleagues can apply at any time for charity projects and initiatives that are meaningful to them and the communities in which they work. 
We're thrilled to receive £500 via our Neighbourly webpage.

Kent County Council Early Help Grant

KCC logo
We are delighted to be awarded over £8000 to support our Reachout Youth project in Tunbridge Wells. Reachout Youth provides a safe space and wellbeing activities for young people aged 13-19 years old, so they can have improved mental health and emotional wellbeing during difficult transition periods, as well as develop core life skills and increased resilience. 
The aim of the Early Help Grant fund is to encourage creativity through projects and services that improve outcomes for children and young people. This award will help us increase the number of people we can help through our project. 
Thank you KCC!

The Glenn & Phyllida Earle Family Fund

Glenn & Phyllida Earle Family Fund
Thank you to the Glenn and Phyllisa Earle Fund for awarding us £2500 to support our out of hours service, currently running via telephone only on a Sunday from 3-6pm. This award was facilitated by the Kent Community Foundation.
The Kent Community Foundation is part of a national network of 46 Community Foundations, all committed to improving the lives of local people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged. 
The objectives of The Glenn and Phyllisa Earle Fund, set up in 2011, are to address social disadvantage, help disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential and to work to promote, support and engage vulnerable people.
This funding will help us continue to provide this out of hours service at a time when people need to talk more than ever.

Kent Community Foundation- Adapting services during Covid19 & Strategic Recovery Grant

The Kent Community Foundation is part of a national network of 46 Community Foundations, all committed to improving the lives of local people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged.
In 2020, the Kent Community Foundation awarded Mental Health Resource a grant towards the costs of adapting our services during the Covid19 pandemic which helped us adapt our services during Covid19, to support the ongoing needs of our clients at this challenging and difficult time.
In January 2022, we have also been awarded a grant from their Strategic Recovery grant to help us ensure greater diversity in our funding streams, so that we can reach and support more people with their mental health.

Sir Thomas Smythe Charity - Out of hours service

Thank you to the Sir Thomas Smythe Charity for donating £1000 a year for 3 years towards our out-of-hours service. This is a service which provides support to anyone who needs it on a Sunday afternoon from 3-6pm.

The Sir Thomas Smythe Charities Programme is part of the Skinners Company and the charity provides grants to local welfare organisations that work with people who are vulnerable, isolated, and in financial need. 

We're so grateful for your support!

Tim Lewis Trust - sports activities funding

Thank you to the Tim Lewis Trust for funding sports based activities for 3 of our projects, Reachout, Reachout Youth & the Hub.

Although we are no longer able to hold our sporting activities this summer 2020, this funding will enable us to run sports based activities at a future date including walking groups, our allotment group, a nature trail walk and even a day out at the beach.

The Paragon Trust

Thank you to the Paragon Trust, who have kindly supported Mental Health Resource with a donation in January 2021 and January 2022 for unrestricted income. 
The Paragon Trust is a privately funded grant-making trust, Registered Charity number 278348, making grants to other charities and occasionally to certain individuals for general charitable purposes. 
Thank you for your support!

Tunbridge Wells Round Table- allotment funding

Round Table

In March 2019, the Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table awarded us £800 to support our allotment project to fund pollytunnels and a greenhouse. 

More recently, in March 2022, we were also awarded £729 from the Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table to purchase a much needed shed for our allotment group. Thank you Round Table!

Past Awards

The Brook Trust Fund for Kent - Reachout Youth

The Brook Trust Fund

The Brook Trust Fund for Kent, administered by Kent Community Foundation, funded our Reachout Youth project for 13-19 year olds for one year from September 2019. Kent Community Foundation helps individuals, families, businesses, trusts and foundations establish and administer their own charitable funds to support the causes that mean the most to them in Kent and Medway. Funding from the Brook Trust Fund for Kent enabled us to run these popular sessions, giving participants access to confidential, mental health support that they are not always able to access elsewhere.

Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust - Online & teleconferencing support

Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust

We were delighted to receive a grant in 2020 from the Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust, ‘Investing in Communities’ grant, to help us build our capacity and establish new ways of supporting the vulnerable and isolated in our community with their mental health during covid19, such as via online + telephone support.

Colyer Fergusson's fund provides grants for basic running/core costs including core costs associated with meeting the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

The funding helped us ensure we could meet the ongoing needs of our clients, to help them stay connected with each other and our staff, reduce feelings of isolation and give people information on how to maintain their mental wellbeing at a particularly challenging time.

Kent Police & Crime Commissioner's 'Mental Health & Policing Fund' - Crisis Cafe funding

KPCC logo
We would also like to thank The Kent Police & Crime Commissioner's 'Mental Health & Policing Fund' for awarding Mental Health Resource funding from 2017-2020 for our out of hours Serenity Crisis Cafe. The service  was and continues to be a lifeline for many. We are hugely grateful for the funding which helped get this vital project off the ground.

Lawson Endowment for Kent - Out of hours service

Lawson Endowment for kent
Thank you to the Lawson Endowment for Kent fund for awarding us £5000 to support our out of hours service on a Sunday from 3-6pm in 2020. This award was facilitated by the Kent Community Foundation.
The Kent Community Foundation is part of a national network of 46 Community Foundations, all committed to improving the lives of local people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged. The Lawson Endowment for Kent wants to increase its support to local community groups, and chose Kent community Foundation to manage its new grant-making fund because of the foundation’s extensive networks and experience working within the local voluntary sector.

Tesco Bag of Help Scheme- Adapting services during Covid19

Mental Health Resource has been awarded a grant from the Tesco's Bag of Help scheme to help us adapt our services during Covid19. 

Tesco Bags of Help's short-term fund is to support local communities who support vulnerable groups. The grants are managed by the community charity Groundwork UK.

Thank you, Tesco, for your donation.