Mental Health Resource means different things to different people. For many, we are a lifeline and last year alone, we provided help and support for 958 people across our 5 services. 

"The Hub offers me a fantastic service to interact which has stopped my social isolation and has saved my life many times. We don’t look down on each other because we’ve got a mental illness; we just have a little natter with friends. ” 

Preventing social isolation

Because our approach is informal, there are no obstacles to accessing our services and all activities are completely free to access.

We currently run 27 different activities throughout the week (not including our Assert project), with the Serenity Cafe even open on a Sunday, meaning support is available even at a weekend.

In a recent consultation, 82% of our Hub service users said they feel more connected to the community after having accessed our services.

Helping people reach their goals

We focus on people's individual needs and wishes to enable them to reach their own goals and people are encouraged to develop a personal progress plan based on their goals. People like Chris who first joined the Hub as a Service User and now runs our Mindwell Art group every Thursday.

We actively encourage person-centred support which is why, at the Hub, 11 out of 21 activities are peer-led, which means we involve our service users in the development and delivery of our services.

In our consultation, 70% feel they can now manage their long-term condition better having learnt a range of valuable tools and skills, while 88% feel an improvement in their mental wellbeing.

Providing long term support

There is no time limit to our services which means people can access us for as long as they need. In fact, 26% of people said they have used the Hub for 10 years or more

People like Di, who first came to the Hub 23 years ago and who now runs the popular needlecraft group on a Wednesday morning. It is service users like Di who now support others and are invaluable for helping others build strong friendships here.

Working in the community

We want to reach as many people as possible which is why several of our wellbeing activities are based out in the community, including our art groups, creative writing, IT and Reachout projects.

We also deliver Mental Health Awareness Training to help people recognise signs of mental illness and how they can support. Last year alone, we provided training for 90 employees across 5 local schools + businesses.

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