Companies which support Mental Health Resource

Mental Health Resource and corporate partnerships

By working in partnership with local businesses and organisations, we can raise greater awareness of mental illness and reach more people who need our support. Involve your company in our life-changing work and show your staff, clients, customers and suppliers that you support one of society's most important causes. 

Why choose Mental Health Resource?

By supporting Mental Health Resource, you'll be showing the community how much your organisation cares about helping those with mental illness in Kent.

A 'Charity of the Year' partnership can bring enormous benefits to your team. Fundraising for a charity can also help staff learn new skills and produce a happier and more engaged workforce. By supporting Mental Health Resource, you'll be demonstrating your company's commitment to better mental health, building your brand in the local community and potentially generating new business through increased networking.

What can we provide in return?

Mental Health Resource would hugely welcome your support....and we can support you with your fundraising in return! 

  • We can discuss & help plan your fundraising events.
  • We can provide fundraising materials including T-shirts, pens, bracelets & leaflets for your event.
  • We can promote your events and include your company logo on our website/social media channels.
  • We can source raffle prizes for your events.
  • We can provide reports on how the money your company has raised is being spent. (You can also decide where you'd like the money to go.)
  • We can give a talk to your workforce about our charity and good mental health.
  • We can offer Volunteer days, for instance at our Hub or Allotment.

Interested? Why not download our Corporate Engagement Pack for further details, or email [email protected] today!

"We are so excited about supporting Mental Health Resource for another year and can't wait to get cracking with our fundraising ideas". Sam, Creaseys.

We would like to thank RAL Display for supplying us with a free pull-up banner.