"I’m really proud we have a service like Mental Health Resource in our town. To have your charity actively supporting people at different stages of need sends a clear message you value people’s mental health holistically at support people at all levels of need." Kate, Mental Health Resource supporter.

Our Vision

We believe in improved mental wellbeing for everyone.

Our Mission

We provide safe spaces and person-centred mental health support in our community to help people improve their wellbeing.

Our Values

We are:

  • Non-judgemental - treating people with dignity and respecting their views, values, preferences and expressed needs.
  • Person-centred - focusing on individuals’ needs and wishes to enable them to reach their own goals.
  • Supportive - being thoughtful, caring and professional towards clients, volunteers, staff and organisations.
  • Community- focused - building effective relationships and partnerships with individuals, groups and organisations in our community.