“I was bullied at school and told off for crying so I learned to hide my feelings. I started to have identity issues and became anxious as a result. Mental Health Resource has given me a safe space to come and it makes my life so much better because I can spend time with other people, which I used to find hard to do.”

Help Mental Health Resource every month with a regular donation.

If you believe in improved mental wellbeing, could you become a regular donor today and help us support the most vulnerable in our community?

A direct debit means you can give small amounts every month that make a huge difference to Mental Health Resource’s work and help us continue to reach the most vulnerable and isolated at this time.

How will my donation help?

Our clients often have complex, enduring mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, psychosis, Schizophrenia and self-harm and for many, we are not just life-changing but life-saving. 

Your commitment will help us reach the most isolated and vulnerable. Specifically,

  • £5 could provide essential metal health support out of hours for someone with nowhere else to turn
  • £10 could provide 3 people with telephone support for their mental & emotional wellbeing.
  • £20 could provide an hour’s face to face support for our most vulnerable clients.

How do I become a regular donor?

It's easy to sign up. Simply select the amount you would like to give on the button below, click 'donate' & then choose 'set up a regular payment' when prompted.

You can cancel your regular donation at any time or if you can't afford to make regular donations every month, you could even choose to make a one-donation today to support our work. Your small donation will make a huge difference! 

Thank you for your support.

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