Partners and staff at Buss Murton are pleased to announce that Mental Health Resource is our chosen charity to sponsor and support. Through raising funds and awareness of this great local charity, we will be actively promoting mental wellbeing for the wider community and our employees.
Fortunately, there is a lot more awareness around the importance of mental health, and at Buss Murton, we wanted to make sure that we focused our support on a local charity where we could help make a difference.

Fundraising events
Buss Murton will be involved throughout the year in various fundraising events; the first event will be Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 17th December.
The new restrictions won’t stop us from having fun so all those working from home will be joining in too, including Family and pets of course!

We will be updating this page regularly to keep you informed of our upcoming fundraising events.

Buss Murton