Runway Training has chosen Mental Health Resource as our charity of the year.

We are very impressed by the values which we see from Mental Health Resource, and would like to support them and the amazing work they do for the community.

At any given time, 1 in 6 working-age adults have symptoms associated with mentally ill health. We can all relate to this which is just one of the reasons we think this charity is so important, now more than ever, given the circumstances.

Runway will be running events throughout the year, including the July Row-a-thon and Bake-off to support Mental Health Resource. If there is an event you would like to be involved in or if you would like to support us in any way, please contact us at 01732 402 402.

We will be updating this page regularly to keep you informed of our upcoming fundraising events!


Runway Training’s team will be rowing during the month of July/August from Runway (Tonbridge) to Reykjavik, a total of 1,993km.

The Runway to Reykjavik Rowathon has been pushed back a few weeks due to office closures, but we’re back!

Our new official time frame is from the 19th of July to the 13th of August. Everyone has been hard at work on the rowing machine, and we are now allowing running/walking distances for those who do not have the facilities to row.

As of the 23rd of July, Runway is 500 km closer to Reykjavik which is the same as just being East of Luxembourg.

If you are donating for the Rowathon please make a note of that as seen in the donations below.

Thank you!

Caoimhe Fleming