My story

4 June 2021 is the date my life changed forever. On this day, I suffered a mental breakdown, and was sectioned into hospital. For the next 4 days, I had no recollection as to who I was, where I was, or anything.

 Sadly, this date also reflects the last time I saw my daughter. This has been incredibly difficult to manage. As those who know me will agree, Amelia had become my whole life. With lockdown, I ended up teaching her from home, spending almost every waking hour together. To go from this to no contact, words cannot describe.

Through all of this, I have been able to count on a few close friends and family members who have supported me constantly, proving me with strength, encouragement, and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

Running for the Hub 

Alongside this, huge support has been provided by the team at Mental Health Resource (The Hub). Between group sessions, encouraging me to write more, and also listening when I needed to talk, they have proven fantastic in my road to recovery.

In order to say thank you, I am taking part in this years Royal Parks Half Marathon on 9th October. As many who know me will say, I am not a runner. Nor am I built as a runner. So why am I doing this? Simply put, it has been a long, hard, emotional journey to get to where I am 1 year on. A half marathon reflects this, for there will be pain, tears, set backs, and determination. But, as a half marathon, it reflects that, as in my road to recovery, there is still work to be done in order to reach the final goal.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have supported me in my recovery, and those who support me on this challenge. It means a huge amount to me, and has helped me more than you may know."

Richard Harrington