We have decided to join forces as a work team and we are walking 100 miles in a week in our pyjama's in order to raise as much money and awareness as possible for Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource Center.

One in 4 people suffer at some point in their lifetime with poor Mental Health. During this Pandemic, people and their lives have been affected in all different ways and the effect on people’s mental health has unfortunately increased, some suffering for the first time. Good mental health is so important for general wellbeing and helps alleviate physical ailments.

The work this charity does is amazing and makes such a difference to many people's lives and their families. They provide continuous and preventive support, which in turn lowers the impact on the NHS, Police and other services. They are needed more than ever and are becoming ever more in demand. Please help us support this vital service to continue their fabulous work and raise much needed funds due to the increase of challenges with fund raising this period has brought. Please take a look on their website for the services they provide.

We would be very grateful if you could sponsor us and support our cause. Thank you!!

UPDATE: WOW.....A Massive Thank you for all those who have donated so far - You are all amazing!!

Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Community Services