How talking helps

In the past I was never one for opening up and talking to people. I think there’s this stigma that’s instilled in us from an early age that it’s wrong to show your emotions and that showing how you feel makes you weak in some way.

This is what I used to believe for years but it got to a point that having this belief was even more damaging to my mental health to the point where I had a breakdown.

The importance of reaching out

Since then I’ve slowly over the years started talking to people and sharing how I feel through therapy, friends , close family and even mental health first aiders at work. Just letting someone know how I’m feeling releases the pressure a bit and you don’t feel so alone.

Writing these blog posts is also a way of talking to people and sharing experiences. By reaching out to others and sharing how we are feeling we realise there are other people going through the same.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. My advice would be if you’re struggling , reach out to anyone you feel you can trust. Even if by text or on the phone/video call if you can’t face meeting someone in person. It certainly helps me.

I would also like to set up my own support group one day for people with social anxiety , shyness and low self esteem as well as a support group for people who have experienced loss in life.

Connections with others is vital for mental well-being.