"Like any relationship, our relationship with our mind is something we should all make time to work on." Clare 

Why is World Mental Health day important?

Today on World Mental Health Day, I think it's important to talk about Mental Health and how it should be a priority for everyone, regardless of whether they struggle with a Mental Health condition or not.

Just as physical health is important, our mental health should also be important on a daily basis. This year’s theme is making mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.

This is something that is important to me, as someone who struggles with anxiety, however sadly I still believe there is stigma attached to talking about Mental Health conditions and that there should be more resources available for people to go to when they are struggling with their mental health.

Charities like Mental Health Resource local to where I live are a lifeline for many people living with a mental health condition in the local area. I myself have got through some very tough times in my life with the help of the charity. We are lucky that we have them as a valuable resource, but I wish there were more resources available.

How can we make mental health a priority?

Like any relationship, our relationship with our mind is something we should all make time to work on.

Connecting with other people and talking about how we feel are two ways to do this. I personally find Creative Writing for Wellbeing a very effective way to help prioritise my mental health. I run the Creative Writing Groups at the Hub and have a keen interest in exploring how writing helps process our emotions and helps us move forward. This for me is part of self care and also helps other people at the same time. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with me through the Hub at [email protected] .

Having regular therapy is something that we can do to help work through our mental health struggles. If you are struggling there are many national helplines and charities available to help with Mental Health and Wellbeing as well as your GP. It can also be as simple as reaching out to a close friend or loved one to express how you feel.

I understand it is not always easy to have the courage to speak up and admit you are struggling. I myself have found this hard at times. Prioritising our mental health and wellbeing, however small a step is the first stage on the road to recovery.