Kent County Council funding

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Every year, KCC help community projects across Kent by using the Combined Members Grant to fund them. Funding is divided equally across Kent's 12 districts. 

In 2019, Cllr Peter Oakford kindly allocated funding from the Combined Members Grant to our charity, to help us fund the costs of our new website. In 2020, he supported our teleconferencing project so that we could continue to deliver teleconferencing groups, without any financial barriers, to many of our clients during Covid19. 

Recently, in February 2022, our charity has also received funding from Cllr Peter Oakford's combined members grant towards supervision costs for staff. Thank you for your ongoing support, Cllr Oakford!

We are also delighted to be awarded over £8000 to support our Reachout Youth project in Tunbridge Wells from the Early Help Grant Fund at KCC. Reachout Youth provides a safe space and wellbeing activities for young people aged 13-19 years old, so they can have improved mental health and emotional wellbeing during difficult transition periods, as well as develop core life skills and increased resilience. 
The aim of the Early Help Grant fund is to encourage creativity through projects and services that improve outcomes for children and young people. This award will help us increase the number of people we can help through our project. 
Thank you KCC!