“At Catch A Fire, we strive to create great work that helps our clients drive positive change and embrace their purpose. We also try to live by this with our business, so having the chance to use our services to help put a smile on the face of the local community has been so rewarding. I’m proud of the team for developing this campaign and turning our words into actions.” Toby Barty, Managing Director of Catch A Fire.

Local creative agency, Catch A Fire has partnered with Mental Health Resource to put a smile on the face of the residents of Lamberhurst for Mental Health Awareness Week and to reach people who may suffer from mental health problems. 

The village of Lamberhurst, where Catch A Fire is based, has roughly 1,704 residents, and with 1 in 4 adults in the UK experiencing a mental health problem, potentially 426 residents of Lamberhurst could be affected this year.

The creative agency staff hand-delivered written messages around the village to put a smile on people's faces as they went about their day. The messages also directed people to Mental Health Resource and its services in the local area, reminding people, ‘If you ever need help, ask.’

Catch a Fire is a strategic creative agency on a mission to produce work that ignites, spreads and has a positive impact on the planet, society and its future. Working with clients all over the world, such as Upfield, Quintessential Brands, Unilever, Live Kindly Collective, Premier Foods and SNC Lavalin, to ignite change.

Thank you to all those at Catch A Fire who took part with this creative campaign - we're so grateful!

“When the team at Catch A Fire reached out to us with this campaign idea, we were immediately sold and so excited to partner with them to deliver this important message, during one of our most important times of the year, Mental Health Awareness Week. Driving awareness of mental health problems and normalising conversations about it, especially at a community level is so vital.” Jen Williams, Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Mental Health Resource