Endurance relay race... on a very hot day!

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, Mental Health Resource supporter, Dave Thompson & friends, ran an endurance relay around Dunorlan Park lake on Saturday 17th July from 9am to 5pm... in 28 degree heat! 

He was joined by friends Matt, Siobhan, Georgina, Dan, Ollie, Ryan, Russell, Rob, Rachel, Elliott, Sarah, Natasha, Hayley, Beth and Kell, Debbie, Lucy-Jo, Rosie, Debbie and Mark, all working hard to reach the 90 lap target.

In 8.75 hours they ran 100 laps (the equivalent of 91km... or 2.16 marathons!). In fact, the 'total' laps by those running in groups of 2 was159 laps- the equivalent of 144.69km or 3.43 marathons!

This magnificent effort raised £390 and is testament to just how hard this challenge must have been.

Thank you to everyone who took part and huge thanks to super Supporter, Dave, for organising the event!

Dave mental health resource fundraiser Dave mental health resource fundraiser