Firewalk fundraisersFirewalk Fundraiser

On Sunday 29th September, 3 asbestos-skinned fundraisers braved burning hot coals and an autumn downpour at a charity firewalk to raise money for Mental Health Resource!

Approximately 40 people took part in total in Buster’s Charity Firewalk, organised by KM Charity Team. Raising funds for Mental Health Resource were Hana Wynne, Judy Horwood and Jill Neve, who altogether managed to raise a total of £2686, with Hana raising the most of the entire event, of £1681!

Other charities to benefit from the evening included the RNLI, Macmillan Cancer Support, the Young Lives Foundation, the Huntingdon Disease Association, Yalding addiction charity the Kenward Trust, Child’s Vision, Spadework, Louie’s Helping Hands, the Net Community Hub, Kent MS Therapy Centre and more.

Before embarking on the challenge, participants received expert training and support from two-time firewalk world record holder Scott Bell. 

Thank you so much to Hana, Judy & Jill for doing such an incredible job in raising funds for our charity. You're all such brave souls!

“Many congratulations to all the fearless firewalkers who braved the hot coals and rather grim weather at tonight’s event. Heavy rain in the lead-up to the challenge threatened to put a very literal dampener on proceedings. But the clouds broke just before the action begun, so everybody managed to complete the firewalk without getting drenched.” Event coordinator Dominic Comins