We are delighted to be awarded £10,000 rom the Garfield Weston Foundation, to support our core costs.

Established in 1958, the Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded grant-maker that gives money to support a wide variety of charities across the UK. The Foundation’s funding comes from an endowment of shares in the Weston family business – a successful model that still exists today. The Weston family have a consistent aim. The more successful the family businesses, the more money the Foundation can donate.

Each year the Foundation gives away its income and donations have continued to grow. Since it was established it has donated over £1.4 billion, of which over half has been given away in the past ten years. In the most recent financial year the Foundation gave away nearly £90 million to over 1,980 charities across the UK.

Around 2,000 charities of all sizes across the UK benefit each year. The majority of grants are for local community projects and volunteer organisations.

We are so grateful to the Weston Family Trustees for this generous grant, which will help us continue our work in supporting wellbeing in our community.