Haescooper Accountants volunteer day at the Hub

Haescooper Accoutants support Mental Health Resource
In mid September, we were so happy to welcome the wonderful staff from Haescooper Accoutants to the Hub, who gave our lounge a much needed makeover!

Emma, Georgie, Arta, Georgia, Theresa, Selina, Tommy and Maryna spent a total of 12 hours painting our lounge so that our clients can enjoy a fresh, clean space for their groups. With groups including creative writing, needlecraft, mens and womens talking groups, Reachout Youth groups and more being held in our lounge, this is a really valued and busy room, so a makeover has been hugely welcome!

Thank you to you all for making this space so much more inviting. 
Thank you also to Darren from B&Q in Tunbridge wells for supplying us with the paint and other tools!
By supporting us, you're all helping to promote mental wellbeing in our community.

Before the refurb

Hub lounge before refurb  Hub lounge before refurb

After the refurb

Mental Health Resource Hub lounge   Mental Health Resource Hub lounge