“It has been a joy to witness the difference in this client from day one to present day and a privilege to work closely with this client to show them the tools that they can use on a daily basis without being scared. They now are able to focus on the wellbeing of themselves and make their own decisions.” (Ray, Hub Manager)

In 2023, The Hub started to support a new client, referred to us by a Daily Support PA, and who was new to the area. The client was very nervous and found it difficult to mix with anyone due to their severe anxiety.

The Hub staff gently encouraged the client to attend the men’s group as a starting point and held a 1-2-1 after each session to see how they were getting on. After a month, the team encouraged the client to take part in more groups and since this time, the client has started to access the allotment group, the lunchtime group, the drop In sessions and the creative writing group.

The client has also learned how to cook basic meals and how to budget. They receive 1-2-1 sessions to establish feedback about what concerns they might have and where we need to signpost for further support.

"The Hub has been my saviour and helps me feel like my voice is being listened to.”

Through the creative writing group, the client has started writing a piece each week that is slowly turning into a book of short stories around the adventures of a teddy bear. In addition, the client has been able to learn tools on what to do if they experience a sudden anxiety attack which have worked for the large part.

In completing feedback in January 2024, the client reported a 85% improvement in how they felt, compared to a score of 15% when they first attended the Hub. 

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