“This group has meant a lot to me. It gives me somewhere to go and I have made lots of friends. It has really helped my mental health and I am so grateful for everything.” Reachout Client.

When Jo* moved to the local area a few years ago, she did not know anyone. She was extremely isolated and found it difficult to leave her house.

Heather* had also moved to the area to be closer to family. She started to attend Reachout groups after one of her friends introduced her to the group. When she first attended, she expressed how unhappy she was in the new town and wanted to return back to her hometown.

Both Jo and Heather came to the group regularly and started to build a close friendship. Other Reachout members told them about different social activity groups that took place in the local town and they began to attend these together. Attending these groups meant they started to put down roots in the town, build relationships and feel a part of their community.

From attending the Reachout group their network of support grew.

In May 2023, these two women, along with two other friends they also met through Reachout, are currently on holiday together!

Their experience demonstrates one of the ultimate aims of the Reachout groups – for group members to feel supported and empowered and to find support and friendship within their own community.

*not her real name.