Reachout Youth at Mental Health Resource"I am 15 years old and in 2021, I joined Reachout Youth because I was going through a really rough place in my life and I needed some support. 

One night I went onto google and searched for ‘making friends in Tunbridge wells’ thinking it was going to come up with a chat forum or something, but right at the bottom it said, ‘Reachout Youth’. I clicked onto it and thought, “wow” and since coming, it’s been amazing and I’ve never looked back.

One of my favourite memories of being here is when we did a dance session and also a baking session. I have also planned and led a Wellness Card session where the group made Wellness Cards with positive quotes and affirmations on them and posted these online.

The biggest change I’ve had since coming here is the support network. Reachout Youth and Mental Health Resource is not for just 6 or 12 weeks but it is forever. You can keep coming back and there’s not a feeling of “that’s it now”.

Overall, it’s helped me massively. The improvement that I’ve noticed in my mental health and my wellbeing is just amazing. The group is so loving and supportive and caring and so family orientated. I’ve never looked back and I think it’s changed my life and my whole outlook on life."

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