"I enjoy coming to Reachout Youth because, it is a chance for me to escape my worries, and enjoy myself. I have also grown so much in confidence. I've learned that I don't need to change so thank you for helping me believe in myself and for giving me a safe space to learn and grow as a person. I will always be grateful for that." Kayleigh

Kayleigh's story

*Kayleigh (not her real name) joined Reachout Youth because she was suffering from severe anxiety, low self confidence and depression. This had been triggered by the loss of her Aunt whom she was very close to.

She was in the middle of studying her A Levels, and was finding it hard to concentrate on school work. She wasn't receiving a lot of help and support from her school and was referred to Reachout Youth through her local GP.

Kayleigh's journey with Reachout Youth

When Kayleigh first came to us, she was very shy, spoke quite negatively about herself and it seemed as though she had very little self worth. She got very anxious around school work, socialising and days out. She was always polite and welcoming towards others, but would sometimes shy away and let the more outgoing people in the group take the lead.

However, she was always determined to help herself and so she always participated with the group activity and attended regularly. By providing her with a safe space once a week, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and giving her the encouragement she needed, gradually her confidence began to grow.

Reachout Youth was a place where Kayleigh always felt she could escape the pressures of the outside world, it gave her the opportunity to have fun and relax, which in turn helped with her anxiety, low mood and low self esteem. As her confidence grew she began developing friendships - even venturing up to London for a day out with one of the other girls in the group. She went from being someone who used to struggle to leave the house because of their anxiety and depression, to spending the day in London with new friends! 

Kayleigh started to take a more active role in the group, mentoring the younger ones, offering them advice with how she had coped with panic attacks during exams, as well as helping them with the craft or listening to them. Kayleigh began to see herself how others saw her. When she finished school and was unsure what to do next, Kayleigh used our support to consider her next steps and talked through interview techniques, until she finally got offered a dental nurse apprenticeship.

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