How Reachout Youth helps young people.

Laura* is aged between 13-15 and struggles with anorexia, OCD and anxiety. She joined Reachout Youth in December 2019 because she wanted to join the group to meet others struggling with the same issues and she was particularly looking for someone to talk to, and to make friends.

At first joining, Laura was sometimes very quiet in the sessions and often tearful, but as time went on, she began to use the sessions to speak about her problems at school, her family relationships, school stress, eating problems and the feeling that no one her age understands what she is going through. She bonded with other group members and gradually the group shared their similar experiences with one another which made Laura feel more secure.

One activity that Laura really benefited from was making and decorating self-care boxes, still using them today. Laura's natural creativity meant she wanted to begin a ‘junk journal’ which she worked on most weeks and thoroughly enjoyed, decorating the pages with beautiful collages. She bonded with another young person, Olivia * who is very skilled at drawing. Olivia began to bring in drawings each week for Laura to take home.

Laura continues to use the Reachout Youth groups and continues to grow in self-esteem and confidence.

*not her real name

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